What IS this?

I know what this looks like.

Here is a bud. Nearly 2.5 inches long.
Here is the seed head. Almost 5 inches wide.
Here is the finder of the specimen.
Surely -- this CAN'T be a dandelion. But, what is it?

I'm going over to the patch to take another look today. In the meantime, suggestions are welcome. :-)

Yellow Goat's-beard (tragopogon dubius).

See this page.

I got a look at the flowers today and yesterday. The reason I hadn't seen the flowers before, was that they close so early in the day. They looked like some kind of alien dandelion. Or a dandelion that crossed with...I don't know...some kind of weird botanical specimen, anyway.

Fortunately, I got a lead from a field guide, and found the answer on the Internet.

Never seen one before, but what we have is a champion specimen of trapogon dubius -- yellow goatsbeard.

And, the important thing...it's edible.


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