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If you have followed our blog for some time, you will know that we encourage the children strongly when it comes to art (and music, and science, and literature, and....)

Today I took the children out to a small art exhibition, with art by Thom Van Benschoten. They were intrigued by the detail in Van Benschoten's pencil and pen-and-ink drawings.
Some of the places portrayed looked oddly familiar, but set in a different time...

Some stories portrayed were fun to talk about...

Some places portrayed, we've seen...

And some of the artwork was original for sale...

Some was particularly impressive to the little boys...

Some was nostalgic.

All of it was lovely, and so very finely detailed.

Mr V.B. had included a few pencil portraits of children as examples, for anyone who would like a pencil portrait of their own families. The prices were reasonable, but my children were amazed that someone would pay so much for something "anyone" could do.

I said, "'Anyone' could do that? Do you think so?"

Joman said, "Well, YOU can, Mom."

I said, "Well, first of all, I'm not 'anyone,' and second, I'd have to work a really long time before I could do so well. But you guys take note: work on your talents, and you can have a job you enjoy doing, and make a living at it."

We have been working at home a little bit, here and there. I got out some watercolors we've had for a few years, and a very good botanical art book, and gave it a try. I wish we had time to sit and paint more often.
Inspiration from the book
Inspiration from the garden
Of course, if a child is inclined to be arty, they will always find a way. :-)
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