Summertime Photos Part 1

It's almost the end of summer. Can you believe it? We actually had quite a busy summer, although I didn't post much on the blog. Just thought I'd share a few pictures with you, of things you probably haven't seen yet.

Roks turned five years old. Around the same time, he changed his name to Flower Rocket Star, but that was too long to put on his requested "colorful soccer ball" cake.
Aunty Hannah and Uncle Steve sent this Butterfly Garden kit, and oh, my...did he ever love it. Roks' favorite thing in the entire universe is "callerpilters." He is a man obsessed. We ordered the painted lady caterpillars, and he raised them all successfully to beautiful butterflies. Now he talks incessantly of chrysalises and butterfly life cycles. Thanks Aunty Hannah and Uncle Steve!


In July, we made another trip up to Amish Country. I had intended to do a post entirely about this trip, but I guess I won't ever get around to it. So here are the photos with some brief descriptions.
Best food in the county. Guggisberg.
Pie, of course. Very important.
While we were eating, a big storm blew up, with clouds barely clearing the ground. There was a tornado warning, and a howling wind. But in just a few minutes, it was over. When we went outside half-an-hour later, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and it was just lovely outside.

Cutie. :-)
Guggisberg Cheese Factory.


These folk sit across the street from the cheese factory and sell their wares. The elderly man is Old Order Amish, and the girl selling baskets with her little brother is from one of the strictest sects of Amish, the Swartzentrubers.

I don't know what this is. But it was friendly.
Granny's quilts. Love this place. Got that pattern I was after, too.
$500.00, and this Amish buggy is yours.
We ate with this Amish family, the Masts. They host dinners in their home.
Here are the buggies of their grown children and grandbabies, who came to help serve, eat, and clean up dinner.
We spent some time relaxing by the pond at Guggisberg Swiss Chalet.


This is one of the many one-room Amish schoolhouses. We were able to see many Amish teens playing sports on the weekend too, and very many families gathered together to cook out and picnic in the front yards. I don't think we saw a front porch without someone young or old sitting, a-rocking on it.
These are buzzards, and they were eating raccoon road-kill before we pulled up.
The end.
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