Summertime Photos Part 2

Miss Rose and I joined a group that makes "6-hour Quilts" for charity. There is a specific method to making this kind of quilt, but it's quite simple, and we have enjoyed learning how.
Later in July, we held our first annual family birthday party. With seven (soon to be eight) people celebrating birthdays each year, we thought it might be a lot more fun to celebrate with the small family on the date (most of us with winter birthdays,) and have one big party for everyone in the summer, when it's nice outside.
Activites for everyone: marshmallow shooters (and wars,) painted flower baskets, painted wooden snakes and lizards, and games like cornhole and soccer.



We ate a lot of food, then had a fabulous magic show, then ate a lot more food.
For some reason, Grandpa always, always gets picked as a volunteer. He's had worse assignments than this one, I promise you.
Hee. Cute babies.
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