Fall means Back To School

Roks started kindergarten this fall.
He especially likes the "garten" part. Most especially the "callerpilter" part of the "garten" part. This 3.5" caterpillar eating the Japanese maple was a Polyphemus moth-to-be. This was the first caterpiller we've ever seen that Roks wouldn't touch. Roks thought the caterpillar might take a pretty good bite out of him if it had a mind to.
Miss Rose saved up her allowance for a long time, and bought herself a brand new sewing machine.
Then she sat and taught Roks to use her little sewing machine.
School is fun. Actually, sewing is "CooL."
The Gater has learned how to grow teeth.
Mamma's making progress on the never-ending-afghan. But she's having to put it away for a while to make time for other projects.... It's holiday season right around the corner!
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