busy busy

I have some photos n things I would like to put up here, but seriously, time is in short supply around here at the moment. I am a little bit stressed (well, when am I *not*) and it is showing in a lot of ways.

I wonder what my kids are going to remember of their childhood, sometimes.

Right now we have school 5 days/wk and soccer 4 nights/wk plus weekend games (and church.) Next week Roks starts at the farm program one day a week, and the following week, we add two mornings a week with swimming lessons and gym at the YMCA. Well, that is in addition to just the general busyness of having life with jr. high-age kids and little kids and toddlers and babies. It is just pretty much chaos around here.

My dieting has been a failure, if you didn't notice the ticker. I quit Weight Watchers because I was feeling guilty about spending money on LOSING WEIGHT when there are babies starving in the world. That, and I was just not doing it. Counting points and denying my sugar cravings when I am tired and all that.

I don't know how people avoid eating when they are stressed, and how they ignore the call of coffee and chocolate and lots of cups of tea. I have to be pretty emotionally stable to be able to pull that off, and right now...that isn't happening.

Not to complain, I know this is the good life, I am just letting you know why I haven't been around too much.

Shut your Trap

I am not supposed to be blogging about why this car was here the other day.

Or why this (former) groundhog hole is booby-trapped and loaded with oatmeal cream pies.

We were expecting five black and white, furry, cute, extremely smelly and terrifying little invaders.

But all we got was one of these, so I guess it wasn't worth mentioning anyway.

Toby F.P.

He's Bert's best doll friend. Bert named him, himself.
His name is Toby F.P.
He used to be a girl, but Bert doesn't know that.
Apart from that, the two are alike in almost every way.
Can you guess what Toby F.P. stands for?
I don't know if I should tell you. It is not very polite, but neither is Bert, and I know some of you have heard stories (they are all true).

(F.P. stands for Farter Pants.)

All Sorts of Sports

The kids organized a sports day with their friends on Saturday.

A soccer field was built, teams were organized, and everyone showed up ready to play.
The kids designed their own team logos, and painted shirts and hats. I don't know all the games they played, but I do know that soccer and cornhole were part of the day's events, and more sports were played across the street.
Stats were kept carefully and filming was important.
Apart from the fact that they could have used a referee to defuse arguments on play calls and rules, they had a great time.
Even when they weren't playing sports.


I know some of you have left comments on the last posts, and they are not showing up. I am sorry. I don't know why they are disappearing like that. Anyway, rest assured, I love the comments and get them via email, so even if they don't show on the blog, I get them in my inbox.


Before N After

I am sorry this post is not too exciting or anything. I just thought you might like to see how things are changing in the garden over time, around here.

last year

this year

It is not that there isn't anything exciting going on around here, it's just that the exciting things aren't that picturesque.

last year

this year

this year

this year

this year

They also don't smell good.


And we are terrified of them, frankly.


And the exciting things are getting very expensive.
More later.
(It's not that serious, so don't worry. )

Flowers in the Garden, Children in the Home

Name this butterfly. We couldn't, for certain.

Rose shares memories that Gater doesn't own.


The castle with windows for the robots


Someone thought this was a delicate little flower

but that was poppycock -- I mean, hollyhock

The 18th of June was a good day.

Baby Goodness

I know, it was awfully bad of me to tease you with that bit of baby goodness yesterday. So, here are some more pics of the littlest darling. I hope you can get to know her a little from her photos.

Annie has been growing like a weed and learning all sorts of awesome things.
Learned to grab toes

and hair

and her clothes

learned to suck her hand

and to complain if necessary

a bit louder if necessary

a bit longer if necessary

Learned to suck her thumb

Says hello

and, see ya later!

Don't You People Read My Blog?

Come on, now! I know someone must have noticed that I posted TWICE about that prairie dress! Look, HERE, and HERE!

And none of you told me? I would really like to know if I am losing my mind, thank you very much...obviously I need other people's input on that, because I am missing the signs.

Just for that, I am going to leave up both posts, so the whole world & posterity knows what a nong I am!

On the bright side, I think I will make a new post, maybe tonight. Just random junk around the house. And if I don't completely lose my marbles before then.


We took a day trip to Youngs Dairy. We putt-putted, rode the giant slide, hit baseballs, tasted fried cheese curds,
and ate ice cream.
It was good (but it wasn't Graeters)
We celebrated Roks' and Daddy's birthday with a Memorial Day weekend party at Grandma's. Roks wanted a star cake, and this one was a very yummy butter cake with lemon filling and vanilla icing.
Little Annie is practically edible. She is 11 weeks old here.
My current new best favorite thing to do combines craft with food.

There can not be any better combination of anything in the whole world.
Bento! Our first bento boxes for lunch today.
Inside were salami and cheese flower sandwiches, cucumber spears, creamy italian dressing cups, croutons, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple rainbows, plain yogurt with a sprinkle of brown sugar, and two coconut-chocolate cookies.
Now we know how the Japanese get spoiled children to eat their lunch and love it.
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