Tea Rooms and Other Dreams of Mine

Ya know what I would really *love* to do? Something that's been a dream of mine since I can remember?

Have a tearoom. A lovely tearoom in a lovely garden that serves up lovely scones and jam and cream, and homemade pies, and isn't overly girlified or stultifying or la-de-dah.

I wouldn't require people to come at 11am OR 2pm; I wouldn't require reservations months in advance; I wouldn't act like tea was some magical potion; I wouldn't charge $20 a head.

I wouldn't tell people how to eat their scones or how to drink their tea.

I'd have tables set up in the garden and allow people to arrange pretty parties for their pre-teen girls. I'd make little quiches and fairy bread and pikelets and melting moments.

But men and boys would be welcome too, and not feel out of place -- I'd have whopping huge, warm scones, and big salad sandwiches.

It would be awesome.

Forgive the Brevity...

...I'm just trying to get back into the habit of posting. I don't really have anything to say. I have a few pics to show you of stuff I've made recently.

These are three little girls I made for my three little nieces in Australia. They are from a 1973 Holly Hobbie pattern. When I was little, my mom made the same dolls for myself and my girl cousins. It was a lot of fun to see them "come to life" again.

And here are my other niece (on the left) and my two daughters with the little girls I made for them.

I have two more to make for two baby girlies yet to make their arrival. I have all the stuff but not the energy. :-)

Taste of a Great Country

The Aussie Salad Sandwich (made in America)
Star players: aged Wisconsin cheddar , freshly shredded (.75) ; grated carrot (.10); tomato (.50); red onion (.25); cucumber (.25); sliced pickled beets (.20); finely sliced lettuce (.15); 4 bakery rolls, crisped in the oven (.75); condiments (s & p, miracle whip, a little spread/butter) (.10)
Prep time: 30 minutes (but there's enough salad prepped for another set tomorrow)
Total cost for 4 as above: $3.05
Taste: priceless

Hoping to post soon...

I'm sorry for the delay in posting! I was way, way busy over the holiday season, and soon I'll get some pictures and details up for you.

In general news, I'm now in the 8th month of pregnancy, and everything is going fine. I am looking forward to being done (hopefully) with pregnancy for a while and letting my body recover and strengthen. 4 kids in 5.5 years is a lot for an old chook like me, and I have the older two to keep up with, too. I feel a bit like they are being deprived by the constant pregnancy/nursing cycle, and they would probably like to do a few more age-appropriate activities.

Been crafting a lot.

That's all, really. God is good!
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