Tea Rooms and Other Dreams of Mine

Ya know what I would really *love* to do? Something that's been a dream of mine since I can remember?

Have a tearoom. A lovely tearoom in a lovely garden that serves up lovely scones and jam and cream, and homemade pies, and isn't overly girlified or stultifying or la-de-dah.

I wouldn't require people to come at 11am OR 2pm; I wouldn't require reservations months in advance; I wouldn't act like tea was some magical potion; I wouldn't charge $20 a head.

I wouldn't tell people how to eat their scones or how to drink their tea.

I'd have tables set up in the garden and allow people to arrange pretty parties for their pre-teen girls. I'd make little quiches and fairy bread and pikelets and melting moments.

But men and boys would be welcome too, and not feel out of place -- I'd have whopping huge, warm scones, and big salad sandwiches.

It would be awesome.
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