Then We Had

Annalise Lenore
6lbs 5oz
40wks, 6 days
20.5 inches
9:18am Sunday morning
8 hour labor from first contraction to delivery, no dramas

Mamma and baby are doing great.
Thank you again for your prayers

But it's not all bad...

I just took a little walk outside in the rain (in my slippers, not such a good idea, LOL) to see the magnolia tree, which is beginning to bloom.

Can you believe it? It was the dead of winter a week ago, and now the magnolia is beginning to bloom. There are buds on the weeping cherry tree, and hundreds of worms wiggling in the driveway; and in the herb garden, parsley, sage and thyme are already growing back. The lavender is greening, and the crocuses have bloomed.

A week or two ago, if someone had said that spring was just around the corner, I would have never believed them.

Soooooo happy! Spring is on the doorstep, winter is almost past.

We had...


We had hail.

And developed another leak in the roof.

But did we have a baby?


Just a tiny human battering ram who is never ever ever going to come out.


Not a rumble of thunder today, after all. It was cloudy and wet from time to time, but no thunder.

Well, how am I supposed to have this baby? Nary a contraction either! Although she is busy trying to bust an luck, baby! All the ones before you have tried, and none successful yet. :-)

They are saying thunder and hail tomorrow as the low pushes through.

I can't say I'm looking forward to labor but I am looking forward to meeting this little one who is causing me so much stress.

Praying and hoping (and sometimes despairing) constantly.....

40wks 3days, still here but....

she turned head down yesterday afternoon and today is thunderstorm day. :-)

I hope if she comes today, that she comes earlier rather than later. :-)

40 wks 2 days and still still still here

...and she's still hanging out breech, still moving around a lot, starting to get uncomfortable. She is not a very big baby which is enabling all her movement. I am glad and thankful she is active though!

Doc is happy to continue to wait things out. We may have to make a decision next week as to what to do, but for now, things are okay.

I think I will be glad to have her born and not pulverising my guts any more. LOL.

Back a couple weeks ago when we had all that snow on the ground, and I was in the midst of winter doldrums, I told hubby that I wanted three days of warm sunshine, flowers and bunnies, a big thunderstorm (so I can go into labor) and then come home with a baby, to spring. Well, little did I know that we would get 3 days of beautiful sunshine, crocuses on the ground, bunnies, and the thunderstorm is supposed to come tomorrow. God surprises me sometimes. :-) Turn, baby, turn! Tomorrow is your day. :-)

39wks 6 days still still here but barely

Oh, I thought we were going in last night. I was awake with productive contractions all night long. Which provided a great opportunity for prayer, which I needed.

Unfortunately, baby is still (or was --not sure at the moment) breech, and she didn't turn, and the contractions fizzled out (which is a good thing, because I'd still like to avoid a C-section, naturally!) and today is going on pretty much as normal, except that we missed church and I am extremely sleepy!

So tomorrow is my due date, and if I don't have another night like last night, baby will actually be due or overdue.

Please pray for our baby to turn, to be healthy, for an easy labor and delivery, and for everything to turn out fine. I have had a great deal of anxiety, which is normal for me, but it would be great if I would, for once, learn to trust. I feel pretty good right now and clinging to the promises of God.


39wks 1day --still here

The little darlin' decided to turn breech over the weekend. Went in for appointment, doc confirmed via ultrasound. Frank breech, sitting fairly low, hanging on to the umbilical cord for dear life. I think she is scared to come out and be part of this big crazy family! LOL.

We are just waiting it out for now. I have never been pregnant this long before. :-)
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