39wks 6 days still still here but barely

Oh, I thought we were going in last night. I was awake with productive contractions all night long. Which provided a great opportunity for prayer, which I needed.

Unfortunately, baby is still (or was --not sure at the moment) breech, and she didn't turn, and the contractions fizzled out (which is a good thing, because I'd still like to avoid a C-section, naturally!) and today is going on pretty much as normal, except that we missed church and I am extremely sleepy!

So tomorrow is my due date, and if I don't have another night like last night, baby will actually be due or overdue.

Please pray for our baby to turn, to be healthy, for an easy labor and delivery, and for everything to turn out fine. I have had a great deal of anxiety, which is normal for me, but it would be great if I would, for once, learn to trust. I feel pretty good right now and clinging to the promises of God.

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