40 wks 2 days and still still still here

...and she's still hanging out breech, still moving around a lot, starting to get uncomfortable. She is not a very big baby which is enabling all her movement. I am glad and thankful she is active though!

Doc is happy to continue to wait things out. We may have to make a decision next week as to what to do, but for now, things are okay.

I think I will be glad to have her born and not pulverising my guts any more. LOL.

Back a couple weeks ago when we had all that snow on the ground, and I was in the midst of winter doldrums, I told hubby that I wanted three days of warm sunshine, flowers and bunnies, a big thunderstorm (so I can go into labor) and then come home with a baby, to spring. Well, little did I know that we would get 3 days of beautiful sunshine, crocuses on the ground, bunnies, and the thunderstorm is supposed to come tomorrow. God surprises me sometimes. :-) Turn, baby, turn! Tomorrow is your day. :-)
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