Prairie Dress

I have actually finished quite a few things between Christmas and now, to my own pleased surprise :-) , but I'll go back to January, and show you something I made for my niece, for her birthday.

Christmas of 2008 I had made a prairie dress and apron for Miss Rose, and Niece E seemed to really like it. Grandma sometimes takes the girls to square dance events, and Miss Rose eventually won a prize for her costume dress. So, since I had another pattern in (what I hoped was) Niece E's size, I thought a prairie dress would be a nice gift for her too.
The dress itself is a navy cotton with a purple and lavender tiny floral print, and the apron was made from a very light lilac broadcloth. The bonnet was made from a light purple gingham. It was sort of an unusual combo, but I think it worked.

Niece E really loves it, so that made the project worthwhile. :-)

In the meantime, Miss Rose has grown about six inches, and now needs a new prairie dress again, herself. But there are several WIPs that need done before I get on to that!
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