Tasks that Can Be Done One-Handed

(hard, but possible with a baby in the arm)

making the bed
drying and putting away the dishes
sorting and putting laundry in the washer or dryer
most homeschooling
reading the Bible
dusting with a feather duster
polishing the coffee tables
wiping windows
setting the table
clearing the table
phone calls
small writing jobs

Tasks that take two hands:
(impossible or dangerous with a baby in arm)

folding the laundry
cleaning out the fridge
cleaning the bathroom
washing the dishes
large writing jobs
wiping large messes off the floor
changing sheets
moving furniture

I'm finding it's easier on me to have a mental list of things I "can do" with a baby in arm, since she won't be put down most of the time, and another mental list of things I "better do RIGHT NOW" to run to when she is sleeping or otherwise occupied. That way I don't feel so lost or frustrated at my current limitations.
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