School is More Fun in Spring

Since Spring and mild weather has arrived, suddenly, as always (I took this photo just a week ago and it already looks so much more lush, green and grown out there!), we've been enjoying whatever work takes us outdoors, including school work.

I didn't order a science curriculum for Roks this year, since he is only 5, and not quite ready to be bored to death with a formal science study. So I have put together a little science/nature course for him, and we are focusing on seasons/observation/plant study.

This child is very artistic and loves to draw, amongst all the other artistic things he does. Right now, one of his most favorite prized posessions is his nature journal (working on his second one now). I make the journals at home since all those little books are so expensive at the ed. supply store. I just fold used printer paper/junk mail/old assignments so that the clean side is showing, then staple the loose edges into the fold of a piece of construction paper, for the cover. I made a whole bunch of them this year and we use them for Roks' language arts assignments, journals, or any time he wants to write a book. They are fun and free. :-)
Yesterday we went out to observe "nature" -- taking note of what we could see, hear and smell. Some of the things we could see and hear were: redwing blackbirds, a woodpecker, a hole in the tree, the next-door-neighbor's dog, a big hawk, bees and ants, blue sky, and lots of green grass with drifts of little pink-white flowers. We smelled lilacs-- just starting to bloom, jonquils, and a sampling of all the herbs that are reappearing this year. Mint, chives, thyme, parsley, sage, and lavendar. Then Roks drew an ant. :-)

Joman has a really interesting curriculum this year, studying the nations of the East, including Australia. Many neat enrichment activities with this curriculum.
Of course, the nice weather is so distracting....
and so is this.
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