The Appalachian Festival

I don't have many pictures from the Appalachian Festival. The basic rundown is that we arrived, it was hot and muggy, we walked around a lot of artisanal stores, enjoyed the view, looked at the river, watched people make furniture and pottery and quilts and violins and jewelry and food and log homes and canoes, listened to bluegrass music, made a guy play a hundred songs on his dulcimer (Roks), charmed people out of small gifts (Gater), followed Native Americans, ate pulled pork and pulled chicken and pulled brisket and coleslaw and funnel cake, sawed souvenirs with a crosscut saw (Joman and Roks) and sat in a tepee.

Joman sat and talked for ages with the tepee owner. She had made many of the things inside it, and was living in there for the duration of the festival.
It was cool and breezy inside the tepee.

I really, really, really want a tepee.

So do they.
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