Don't You People Read My Blog?

Come on, now! I know someone must have noticed that I posted TWICE about that prairie dress! Look, HERE, and HERE!

And none of you told me? I would really like to know if I am losing my mind, thank you very much...obviously I need other people's input on that, because I am missing the signs.

Just for that, I am going to leave up both posts, so the whole world & posterity knows what a nong I am!

On the bright side, I think I will make a new post, maybe tonight. Just random junk around the house. And if I don't completely lose my marbles before then.


We took a day trip to Youngs Dairy. We putt-putted, rode the giant slide, hit baseballs, tasted fried cheese curds,
and ate ice cream.
It was good (but it wasn't Graeters)
We celebrated Roks' and Daddy's birthday with a Memorial Day weekend party at Grandma's. Roks wanted a star cake, and this one was a very yummy butter cake with lemon filling and vanilla icing.
Little Annie is practically edible. She is 11 weeks old here.
My current new best favorite thing to do combines craft with food.

There can not be any better combination of anything in the whole world.
Bento! Our first bento boxes for lunch today.
Inside were salami and cheese flower sandwiches, cucumber spears, creamy italian dressing cups, croutons, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple rainbows, plain yogurt with a sprinkle of brown sugar, and two coconut-chocolate cookies.
Now we know how the Japanese get spoiled children to eat their lunch and love it.
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