busy busy

I have some photos n things I would like to put up here, but seriously, time is in short supply around here at the moment. I am a little bit stressed (well, when am I *not*) and it is showing in a lot of ways.

I wonder what my kids are going to remember of their childhood, sometimes.

Right now we have school 5 days/wk and soccer 4 nights/wk plus weekend games (and church.) Next week Roks starts at the farm program one day a week, and the following week, we add two mornings a week with swimming lessons and gym at the YMCA. Well, that is in addition to just the general busyness of having life with jr. high-age kids and little kids and toddlers and babies. It is just pretty much chaos around here.

My dieting has been a failure, if you didn't notice the ticker. I quit Weight Watchers because I was feeling guilty about spending money on LOSING WEIGHT when there are babies starving in the world. That, and I was just not doing it. Counting points and denying my sugar cravings when I am tired and all that.

I don't know how people avoid eating when they are stressed, and how they ignore the call of coffee and chocolate and lots of cups of tea. I have to be pretty emotionally stable to be able to pull that off, and right now...that isn't happening.

Not to complain, I know this is the good life, I am just letting you know why I haven't been around too much.
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