We Has Photoz

Soon! Like, tomorrow, even.

But for now:


Just cuz it's recent, and it's cute.

I've got photos all the way from last year to torture you all with! It will be like your Aunt Gertrude's Holiday Snap annual festival! I know you can't wait.

What is the hold-up, Moey?

Well, it's kind of a long and dumb story. My FB friends know that I quite often publish photos to my FB before they appear on the blog. Last time I uploaded photos, I used my big laptop. I had to upload software for editing and all that junk. Big laptop doesn't work real well ever since I tried to download some software so I could watch DVD's. I guess it has a virus. In the meantime, the littles got onto the desktop computer upstairs and totally fouled it up -- it had to be rebuilt and I lost all the photo-upload-and-edit stuff I had on that computer.

Eventually, one day, I went up to work on the desktop -- to reload my software and upload my photos and do all that junk -- only to find that when I had worked on my laptop, I had taken all my registration paperwork with me, and it is lost somewhere in the school/craft/playroom disaster. I've not been able to find it at all.

So the long and short of it is that I have had no way to get my photos on to the net, and what is a blog without photos?

This past week, I have been working on the mammoth task of bookshelf-rearranging to make way for the new influx of computers, books, and school supplies scheduled to arrive in July. I found the original disk that came with my camera, which should work to provide SOME way of uploading my photos. Can't remember if I need a registration number with that or not, but I think not.

At any rate, I will get onto that as soon as I can. Right now I have the BabyPuter and I am at the orthodontist's office with Joman, so, you know. It might be a while yet. :-)
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