End of Summer

Summer seemed short last year, looking back on it now. All too soon it was time to get back into schoolwork -- a change of pace and curriculum for Roks, and back into Sonlight, a literature-based course, for Miss Rose and Joman.

The deer are still hanging around, as plentiful as ever. These two cuties grew up more-or-less on our property over this past year.
IMG_4158deertwinsAlign Center

Roks, our third poor, deprived homeschooler, got to start his weekly farm-school program. He had a rough start, being a teeny-bit perfectionistic and angsty about doing new things; and also very young for the program, but nevertheless, he had a great year overall.
Here Roks is, on his first day of "school".

And here are Joman and Gater to see him off.
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