Festival of Lights

We don't often go to the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights, even though we have season passes, because of the cold and the crowds. Mamma can take one or the other, but BOTH together is pushing it. Well, and since they replaced the regular lights with LED lights, it just wasn't pretty any more.

However, the 30th of December proved to be a fairly warm night, in the 40's, and we heard that the gray-white LED lights of previous years had been replaced with colorful LED lights, and it was a huge improvement. So we, along with many others, visited that night.

She wasn't crying, it was a bad setting on the camera for a portrait. But I couldn't resist posting a pic of the Wannie smiling!

For some reason, there was something about looking for fairies or a fairy garden or something, I don't know, but anyway, here is one of the fairies. She is kind of gangly and athletic, don't you think?

The little kids really like these puffy things. Well, they are cute.

The little kids had an obsession with the Cannon version of Hansel and Gretel at that time, and were watching it daily with horrified fascination. Bert especially liked the witch being thrown in the oven, and the credits, where the gingerbread man gets eaten bite by bite. Yes, he is *that* kind of boy, with oodles of morbid curiosity.

However, when they happened upon a "real" gingerbread house, the story became a lot less fun, and a lot more scary. Bert would not go near the house. Roks was pretty nervous. It took a lot of cajoling to get them to actually go up and knock on it. It was a good joke. Suckers!

Seriously, they need someone else to set up this poor creche. They used to have it in the actual stable, where the cows and sheep and donkey are, but for some reason, they moved it into this obscure little pen, and there wasn't enough room. Not enough room in the stable, ha ha.

Roks is showing you how flamingos stand.

And you can't really see it here, but this was the first time Gater ever wore a ponytail.

Oh, and here is Hansel and Gretel if you want to see it for yourself.

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