Halloween 2010

With all the camping we did in October, we didn't have much time to prepare for Halloween. So we just did our usual 15-minutes of preparation, dug some old costumes out, and tried to round up some candy. We didn't even carve the pumpkins this year -- no time!

Wannie got to wear the pumpkin-baby costume from 1998...

...but Gater didn't have a costume to wear at all. We had this "princess" dress that Miss Rose used to wear when she was two or three, and I had a bunch of felt (still do, actually) so I whipped up this little cape and hood for Gater, gave her a basket, and she was good to go.

Bert in 2000's football costume

Wannie suits the pumpkin costume, don't you think? All that roundness.

Somehow we stretched the lion costume that Bert wore last year, over Roks' 18-inch-taller frame, and it worked ok. He liked it.

And Miss Rose wore her prairie dress, which is really and truly too small for her these days.
Joman opted out of costume-wearage and handed out candy with me, instead.


Everybody thought the girls were way too cute.

Visiting with neighbors. They always have a fire pit and scary music, and good candy. They usually get our kids a special little treat, like coloring books and crayons. Sweet! Halloween, while absolutely not my favorite holiday, is my favorite time to catch up with the neighbors -- some of whom we've known since school days.

Here is JK, a friend who came to trick-or-treat with the group of good friends who live at the end of the street.
It has been a real blessing for our family and our children to have these good, creative, fun friends.


Fun times! But what to do with the pumpkins we didn't carve?
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