New Stuff! And End-of-Season Stuff.

This is a gratuitous photo of stuff from the garden. The two potatoes are 2/3 of my entire potato harvest. I know some of you like looking at garden-y stuff, so there you go.

Daddy did get the Christmas house set up in the spring. Later on, we moved it to a closer, more convenient location; and the new spot seemed to be a good place, so out the kids went to play.

After the wasps and spiders were evacuated, the little kids set up shop.
(Oh, also, we bought a camper, and that's it in the background. More on that in another post.)

Grandma was the first special customer. She was there to buy a little weed.

Plenty of grass for everyone. It is a neighborhood specialty. :-P

Cute little shopkeeper.

Bert was serving up baby-bottled juice. Not sure who purchased that, but I am sure they found out, as I did when I was little, that no matter how good the juice looks inside the baby bottle, it isn't coming out.

The mailbox at the front door encouraged the little kids to "mail" each other things. Usually small dolls and leaves.

Little Wanny was just hangs around nearby in the sun/play/schoolroom.
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