Wannie Smiles

These are the last of the black and white photos. Turns out I am more utilitarian than artistic behind a camera -- I'd like to get into photography more, but I don't really have the time, as I found out.

Anyway, Wannie was and is a very, very introverted child. She took a long time to start smiling, and she doesn't smile easily at any time or for anyone. She and the Gater are just almost polar opposites in temperament. So I was really pleased to get a few b & w shots with her smiling.


Of course, our Wannie is so colossally cute with her perpetually slightly-worried expression and those huge round eyes. I love her.

Here are three little kids, sitting in *my* chair, playing with *my* little laptop mini, just like three naughty little Goldilockses.

Speaking of a naughty Goldilocks, how do you like this one? Gater -- you, with the marker-striped cheek -- you are SUCH a naughty girl! (Can't you see the guilt and remorse! Ha ha.) This closet will be the death of me. It's the homeschool/kids closet in the family room, and it pretty much always looks like this, no matter how often I clean and organize it. Something I need to do again, right now, as a matter of fact. I guess you all know where I'll be today! :-)
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