This time last year, one of the little kids' favorite games was "Wobots." Anything square-ish that can fit over your head or face makes a great Wobot costume.

In metallic, monotone, loud voices, they stomp around and chant:

"I. M. E. WOBOT...I. M. E. WOBOT...I. M. E. WOBOT"

We did eventually discover that it is a good idea to hide the puke buckets from the little kids in the event of illness. Puke buckets do not make good Wobots.

Gater's fashionista tendencies were in evidence even before the age of two. They are in full fledge now, at nearly three years old. Oh yes, they most certainly are.
She still stuffs her feet into these little jeweled silver sandals, if she isn't wearing her black sequins, her pink cowboy boots or her red ruby slippers. She is very particular.

This is my favorite photo, and this is straight out of the camera.
Bert has the look.

Roks was then, and still is, the most moody and dramatic of all the little kids. He has the true artistic temperament. I hope it won't involve ear amputation or anything like that, in the future.

And these are carrots from last year's garden. Ta-Daaaa!
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