Easter, 2011

It was a wet spring -- a very, very wet spring, and I think even a record-breaking wet spring. It did not seem to stop raining for at least a month.

But spring did bring two rays of sunshine, my sister Deb and her newest baby, E.
They arrived just as I was finishing up matching dresses for all three of the little girls, for them to wear at Easter. Miss Rose also got a new Mamma-made dress, but not matching.

Easter morning was as crazy as ever, with everyone running around trying to get ready for church.

Roks was looking spiffy in mint green, Bert in lavender, and Joman in robin's-egg blue.
Just right for springtime.

Miss Wannie was enjoying spending time with her little cousin so much!



Miss Rose made hats for the baby girls. Wannie really liked hers.
And it suited her, I think.

After a particularly strange and off-putting morning at church, of which I cannot share details, we went to Grandma's for Easter dinner.

Here is Miss Rose in her new dress. The fabric for this dress was such a nightmare! Never ever again. The pattern was lovely though, I plan to make her another one in a better, more manageable fabric.

Here are the girl cousins.

And here are the boy cousins.

And here was a challenge. How to get all nine children to smile/look pretty for the camera, all at the same time? Between Grandma, Aunties and Mamma, there are probably 150 variations of this particular photo, and I bet not one of them has all the kids looking the same way and smiling at the same time.
You can't take away the cute though, the cute is overwhelming.

Here is Wannie, turning her hat into what we call a "Wee-Woo." A Wee-Woo is any hand-knitted or crocheted item that Wannie hugs to her face while she sucks her thumb. I guess it is because we gave her those handmade afghans when she was a tiny baby, and the texture of the knit or crochet is comforting to her. Of course, we think it is so adorable when we give her a new sweater or hat, and she does this very thing with it.

It's so rewarding.


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