Joe's 13th Birthday

Joman's 13th birthday followed right after Wannie's first. It still happened to be winter, and a long winter at that, and we opted to postpone a real party until nicer weather arrived. Unfortunately, the weather just hasn't ever gotten nice enough -- that, or, well, the party just hasn't been organized due to Mamma's er, disorganization. One of those two things.

But anyway, we did have a little family party for Joman.
One advantage of having a rather large family is that every day is a party.
Right? Right.
If we want it to be.

The little girls were all ready for another round of cake and ice cream.

And Bert was, too.
Joman had gone out with his grandparents earlier, for a meal of his choosing, and then we had....something, I can't remember what, that he liked, at home for dinner.


Miss Rose was still flashing the grill. She has since gotten her braces off, and has the most gorgeous set of pearly whites, but I'll show you those later.
I mean, we are still back in March, here.

Since it was Joman's birthday, let me tell you about him. Well, first off, he has grown about a foot over the past year. And he has still, in all his thirteen years, only lost his temper the one time. He was eight when it happened.
I'm serious.

He is truly the most laid-back, easygoing, happy person you are ever likely to meet.
I don't know where he gets it. I guess he is a lot like his dad, only with more hair.

He got contacts for his birthday, and wow, do those bright blue eyes shine.

Happy Birthday, Joman.

The cake, by the way, was his request. He was watching the Duggars on tv one time, and they made this cake with ice cream sandwiches and cool whip and butterfinger bars and chocolate and caramel topping. It was so easy and a huge hit.

Here is the recipe.
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