Miss Rose's 14th Birthday

Speaking of young ladies and cake, Miss Rose turned 14 this year. Can you believe it? She really is a young lady too, no bratty teenager here.

For her birthday, we had a party with cousins and friends.
Miss Rose requested no gifts necessary, but of course most people brought her a little something. In this picture, the little "something" was a card with three sets of zipper earrings, which she really wanted.

Gater was a little unclear about whose birthday it was -- a cute tiny helper, though.

Miss Rose had enjoyed Gater's Aussie-style party so much, that she wanted one too. So we laid out a table with the most delicious things -- lamingtons, sausage rolls, fruit and cheese tray, cream cheese and sweet chili sauce cracker tray, fruit salad, whipped cream, mini bacon quiches and blue cheese tarts, jam and cream pikelets, honey joys, twisties and tortilla chips, bean dip, veggie tray, chocolate truffles, and even some Aussie biscuits and Aussie lollies like raspberries and pineapples and strawberry-and-creams, and violet crumble. Oh, and the pavlova!

And the sunshine punch, and for fun, flower tea.

There may have been more, I just can't remember.

I loved Enid Blyton as a child, can you tell why?

We had a store-bought cake as well, because my second (and third) pavlovas just would not set up. Oh well, never mind, there was enough of the one for everyone to have a taste and fall in love with.

When the parents came with their families to pick up the daughters, there was plenty left for them to try everything too, of course. Ha ha!

At any rate, Miss Rose had a fabulous party with her friends and family, and it was a gorgeous sunny day as well. A good day all round.

Happy Birthday, Miss Rose.

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