Got Mail

The little kids are getting to that really awesome age where they are beginning to take in more of their surroundings, ready to learn all about things outside their immediate vicinity.


I really love the preschool age. Everyday events are just fun, fun, fun with preschoolers.


One day over the summer all the little kids wrote letters to each other, and we went off to the post office to mail them to ourselves.


We addressed the envelopes, and bought stamps to put on them. Then we pushed the letters through the mail slot at the post office.


On the way home, we stopped at the library to check out some books about mail service. The kids were really curious about what was going to happen to their letters.


The very next day, all the letters arrived back at our house, and we found them in our mail box.


There was a very excited flurry of letter-opening, and everyone had a letter from someone. Not all of it was decipherable, but it was all written with love.


Gater had the biggest surprise in her letter.

That was really fun.

Why I've Been Away

Life is never dull around here, I can tell you.

August saw the start of a new homeschool year with a high schooler, a junior high student, a second grader, two preschoolers and a baby. Mamma knows when Mamma needs help, and this year we chose to enroll the three school-age children with K-12, online public schooling.


This is what we got in the mail.


Crazy, huh!

I thought they were going to send teachers, but came to find out that it was just me again, with more stuff and someone else's schedule.


The 2nd grade curriculum wreaked utter devastation on our formerly happy, laid-back style of homeschooling.


It's been a heavy couple of months.


Pulled the 2nd grader out.

Sending a lot of this stuff back.

The 8th and 9th graders are doing fine. They started very well and are continuing on that way.

Good now.

Post more soon :-)
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