... to say the least, right now!

Today we had the carpets cleaned -- which really makes me cross and out-of-sorts, I can tell you.  I hate having the furniture everywhere and rooms blocked off and kids draped across areas where they are normally not.  Gah.  It's really humid as we are waiting for weather from the hurricane, and it's hot and damp and crowded, and with eight people at home, I am just about...done.

Tomorrow morning: hope for me, as I am going to knitting group.  Yay!  I went for the first time last week, with a little strawberry-pink cardigan I'm making for Gater.

I already made her a cardigan.  This is it.


She took one look at it and said, "I wanted a pink one."


Fortunately, being a new knitter (well, not in time, but in experience -- I've learned to knit a couple of times and forgotten how between my very sparse projects -- Gater's cardigan being the third project I've completed --)I am quite an addict and more than happy to make her a pink one.  Since I made her cardi, I also made one for Wanny in autumn-red, and a waterfall scarf in some Noro variegated wool.

I really need to be working on the house. We are getting ready to put it on the market. It is an enormous undertaking, just enormous and I feel buried under the weight of it all. We have to pare down to about 80lbs of stuff per person, as that's what we'll be taking with us. Spare a thought for me, this will probably drive me completely mad. But tomorrow; Knitting Group.

Tasha Tudor Day Celebration













Flower tea 2












In celebration of Tasha Tudor's birthday and life: watching Tasha's DVD's in the morning; a Tasha-styled Gater in a hand-dyed silk kerchief; salad rolls and sandwiches for lunch; drawing and painting our very own books; flower tea and the special yellow tea-pot with Tasha's gingerbread for afternoon tea; dinner and lots of running around with cousins visiting from China at Aunt Jeannettes; knitting for Mamma.
 A lovely day.
 It's an unusual tradition but a fun one in our home.
 I hope you had a good one too!

It's Tasha Tudor Day, Today!

Today is Tasha Tudor's Birthday. She would have been 97 years old today. This woman exemplified the idea of "filling in the corners." Observers say she was "never rushed" but rarely does one find a person as productive as Tasha Tudor was, as an author/illustrator, lover of the Old Ways, and mother of four.


Clarice at Storybook Woods began a lovely tradition of celebrating Tasha's life and art on her birthday as "Tasha Tudor Day." Today is the day to cook something special from one of Tasha's receipts (I have many written on index cards, from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook  --ooooh -- and it's on Kindle now! ) -- or, to do a bit of knitting, or plant something in the garden, have afternoon tea as Tasha did with her children most days; perhaps sew a little something to wear, read a Tasha Tudor book or take a trip to the library and search some of her sweet books out; or watch one or two of her gorgeous, intimate, intriguing DVD's to see how Tasha spent her days on her picturesque New England farm.


In our home, there will certainly be knitting, sewing, painting, watching Take Joy, reading of sweetly illustrated books, and the cooking of something comforting and sweet with a steaming pot for afternoon tea, in celebration of our beloved Tasha Tudor's birthday.

If you are not too familiar with Tasha Tudor, please do go and see this blog.  
As a matter of fact, no matter what you have to do today, please go and see it -- Corgyncombe Courant.  It's delightful.


Will you celebrate? Tasha loved doing the simple, creative things -- do you? Please let me know, and drop a line to Clarice at Storybook Woods as well. Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

How to Be a Success

Everyone in our culture, pretty much, has the same amount of work that must be done.  Enough work to fill the day, to make one tired, to wear one down, or out.  I've always said that the main difference historically between the general outward success of men over women isn't related to talent or intelligence, but to the number of distractions each must overcome in order to be (outwardly) successful.   Women tend to become mothers and guardians/keepers of the home, with great, but private success, mentally and physically carrying that burden regardless of paid or other occupation;  and that is a time-consuming, energy-sucking vocation that can fill most every minute of most every day, for a large proportion of their lives.


I think that regardless of the mundane work that fills our days, the secret to success in what interests us and makes us tick, is in the work that fills up the corners -- the early mornings; the late evenings; the untouched time in waiting rooms and vehicles and nursing a little one.  Many people never fill these corners with anything that helps them reach their goals, preferring, instead, watching TV or shopping, or just Sitting There.  


I've found this blog really interesting in terms of how, practically speaking, people have reached the goal of making their loved work, their life work.
For further study:

I'm going to try to remember these interviews when I'm tempted to let a half-an-hour slide by without purpose.

Days That Don't Make the News

Very recently, the neighborhood from which I graduated high school made the news.  Not the good news, the bad, hyped-up, speculative news.

Yesterday, I had to run some errands near the neighborhood, and I happened to drive right past the crowd of people -- demonstrators and counter-demonstrators and police.  There was shouting, but no huge drama, and the community seemed cohesive and joined in solidarity against racism and the misrepresentation of events in the media.

The strange thing is that, over 20 years ago when my husband and I were attending the very high school that all this commotion was taking place directly near by, there was an event that occurred between two students of differing races, which turned into an all-school brawl, and resulted in a brief school closure and a similar media labeling -- "racism," "riots," "community upheaval."  News teams camped outside for days, but we in the community were bewildered -- it was a fight, a big nasty fight, but it wasn't a racist thing until the media made it one.

Today, on the same street, south by a few miles, there was a church-organized community Back-to-school Block Party.  My older three kids and their friends performed twice and taught and entertained the attending children in between performances -- juggling, balancing, and other fun stuff.

News crews?  Where were you today?




Beautiful baby.

Mr. Cellophane


Bigger Rola-bola!

Double-decker Rola-bola!

Super-size Rola-bola!

Volunteer-from-the-audience's mother looked slightly concerned at this

Crowd was small but enthralled

Multiple Rola-bolas!

Volunteerism can be scary.


Wanny vastly prefers watching them on DVD.  Live performances are scary.

A skit, not a real lion



Sharing popcorn


A good day out but so hot!


Now for your and my mutual enjoyment, some pictures taken by the group while they were practicing.  
I liked this picture, with Roks as the junior member of the group.

I like seeing him develop his strength and skills.

But my mamma-heart did a bit of a double-step when I saw this picture, taken outside, on the driveway.  Had to put the ix-nay on this un-fay. 
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