How to Be a Success

Everyone in our culture, pretty much, has the same amount of work that must be done.  Enough work to fill the day, to make one tired, to wear one down, or out.  I've always said that the main difference historically between the general outward success of men over women isn't related to talent or intelligence, but to the number of distractions each must overcome in order to be (outwardly) successful.   Women tend to become mothers and guardians/keepers of the home, with great, but private success, mentally and physically carrying that burden regardless of paid or other occupation;  and that is a time-consuming, energy-sucking vocation that can fill most every minute of most every day, for a large proportion of their lives.


I think that regardless of the mundane work that fills our days, the secret to success in what interests us and makes us tick, is in the work that fills up the corners -- the early mornings; the late evenings; the untouched time in waiting rooms and vehicles and nursing a little one.  Many people never fill these corners with anything that helps them reach their goals, preferring, instead, watching TV or shopping, or just Sitting There.  


I've found this blog really interesting in terms of how, practically speaking, people have reached the goal of making their loved work, their life work.
For further study:

I'm going to try to remember these interviews when I'm tempted to let a half-an-hour slide by without purpose.
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