... to say the least, right now!

Today we had the carpets cleaned -- which really makes me cross and out-of-sorts, I can tell you.  I hate having the furniture everywhere and rooms blocked off and kids draped across areas where they are normally not.  Gah.  It's really humid as we are waiting for weather from the hurricane, and it's hot and damp and crowded, and with eight people at home, I am just about...done.

Tomorrow morning: hope for me, as I am going to knitting group.  Yay!  I went for the first time last week, with a little strawberry-pink cardigan I'm making for Gater.

I already made her a cardigan.  This is it.


She took one look at it and said, "I wanted a pink one."


Fortunately, being a new knitter (well, not in time, but in experience -- I've learned to knit a couple of times and forgotten how between my very sparse projects -- Gater's cardigan being the third project I've completed --)I am quite an addict and more than happy to make her a pink one.  Since I made her cardi, I also made one for Wanny in autumn-red, and a waterfall scarf in some Noro variegated wool.

I really need to be working on the house. We are getting ready to put it on the market. It is an enormous undertaking, just enormous and I feel buried under the weight of it all. We have to pare down to about 80lbs of stuff per person, as that's what we'll be taking with us. Spare a thought for me, this will probably drive me completely mad. But tomorrow; Knitting Group.
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