It's Tasha Tudor Day, Today!

Today is Tasha Tudor's Birthday. She would have been 97 years old today. This woman exemplified the idea of "filling in the corners." Observers say she was "never rushed" but rarely does one find a person as productive as Tasha Tudor was, as an author/illustrator, lover of the Old Ways, and mother of four.


Clarice at Storybook Woods began a lovely tradition of celebrating Tasha's life and art on her birthday as "Tasha Tudor Day." Today is the day to cook something special from one of Tasha's receipts (I have many written on index cards, from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook  --ooooh -- and it's on Kindle now! ) -- or, to do a bit of knitting, or plant something in the garden, have afternoon tea as Tasha did with her children most days; perhaps sew a little something to wear, read a Tasha Tudor book or take a trip to the library and search some of her sweet books out; or watch one or two of her gorgeous, intimate, intriguing DVD's to see how Tasha spent her days on her picturesque New England farm.


In our home, there will certainly be knitting, sewing, painting, watching Take Joy, reading of sweetly illustrated books, and the cooking of something comforting and sweet with a steaming pot for afternoon tea, in celebration of our beloved Tasha Tudor's birthday.

If you are not too familiar with Tasha Tudor, please do go and see this blog.  
As a matter of fact, no matter what you have to do today, please go and see it -- Corgyncombe Courant.  It's delightful.


Will you celebrate? Tasha loved doing the simple, creative things -- do you? Please let me know, and drop a line to Clarice at Storybook Woods as well. Happy Tasha Tudor Day!
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