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I went to knitting group this morning.  It was awesome.  I stayed until three, just as if I had absolutely nothing else in the world to do today.  I go there to get away from the cray-cray in this house. 

How about that tatt?  If I ever got a tatt, that would be it.  I used to sit in geometry class with this girl over 20 years ago.  I had no idea she was going to grow up to be that cool.
Much hilarity, much fun, crazy knitting ladies.  The leader/teacher/head cray-cray is running a Christmas stocking competition, so most of the knitters are working on stockings.  Most of the knitters are very new knitters.  The one in the tutu, whose head I cut off for sake of dignity, came in asking to learn how to "do that thing with the two sticks."
Lots of work done today, three Christmas stockings finished, and I finished up both my little cardigans for my little girls, plus a sleeve on the new pink cardigan for Gater.
Really, all I want to do is knit and knit and knit.  I don't really want to think about yard sales and packing and cleaning and moving and selling the house and fall and upheaval and stress.
How about you?

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