Last January/This January: Beaches and Budgeting



Last January we were fresh off the airplane and the kids only had 2 weeks to adjust before starting school.  It was pretty huge.

My parents saw to it that we took some time off in the midst of everything to go out and enjoy our new surroundings.  We drove down to the beach, about an hour from their place, and had a really gorgeous afternoon.  There were lots of loud and somewhat inebriated teens enjoying their last days of summer hols, but the gorgeous yellow sunshine, breeze, perfect temps and the salty ocean air overwhelmed everything with a sense of happiness and well-being. 

We sat by the ocean at a little cafe for a while with family and friends, and had cappuccinos.

I can't believe that was a year ago -- it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago.

I also can't believe that only just now, nearly a whole year later, I'm finally getting my house in order and really working on a budget -- I've been keeping track for the past six months and it's not looking good! -- so I'm diligently exploring ways to get our grocery bills down and cut back on everything I can cut back on. 

Moving is expensive, and so is adjusting.  I remember when we first moved back to the USA it was the same way.  Time to knuckle down.  Give me your best Aussie money saving tips!  xx

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