Plans for the Blog and the Future

Hi everyone!  I don't know if I have any readers left out there after this past nearly three years of nearly no posts.  Life has been so full and so nuts and so crazy and so good and so shocking, at times, that I hardly know where to begin. 

All the kids finally in school this'd think I'd have more time to do stuff like...oh you know, BLOG and keep my house clean and things like that.  But nooooooooooo...since the beginning of the year, while attempting to get my art business off the ground (and it's going great, when it's going!) I've spent the entire year either taking care of sick people, or being really quite ill myself.  It has literally been one thing after another all year long.

Anyway, hopefully, we are coming to the end of the sick season.  Not that I don't have anything healthwise going on, of course -- big news coming, in fact -- but HOPEFULLY we can get feet on the ground and get some things accomplished.

In the meantime, I've had a lot of practice at keeping things running under unusual circumstances, and I'm preparing to share some of that with you over the next few months.

Some things I'll be sharing:

American and Amish recipes for the Thermomix! (expats take note!)
Trim Healthy Mama recipes for the Thermomix! (THM-ers take note!)
Freezer-to-Crockpot recipes even MORE SIMPLE and LESS SPACE-CONSUMING and LESS EXPENSIVE than ever!  Not to mention tastier, whole-foodier, more convenient! (busy moms take note!)
New knitting patterns with emphasis on boys (ever notice the dearth of really cute boy knitting patterns out there? )
And more....
Stay tuned!

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