Best Thermomix Choc Chip Cookies EVER

Recycled photo from 2007.  They only look even better than this now in 2015.

Since I've lived approximately half my life in the USA and half my life in Australia, I think I have a pretty good background knowledge of what makes good food good.  By good food, I mean cookies, baked goods, and desserts mostly (of course), as well as traditional American food, and Aussie/Asian fusion, and curries.  I'm very, very sorry to admit that traditional Aussie food (adapted from English recipes) tends to be...well...underseasoned, flavourless, and in the case of baked goods, rather dry.  Now this is because those recipes use good ingredients like butter, and fresh fruit, and good stuff like that -- but they tend to be under-sweetened and lacking in salt and spices.  The Asian influence has worked magic for Aussie cuisine over the past three decades.  Aussies are quite knowledgeable about food, and dare I say, quite picky with regards to fresh, quality ingredients and authentic flavours.  There has certainly been a big, big change since the mid-70's when we moved to Australia for the first time.

Anyway, since I promised to start sharing some of my own thermomix-adapted recipes, and I will say that with baked goods I tend to lean far more to the American-style rich flavourings, but using the Aussie-style fresh ingredients (the thermomix makes this easy of course!), I'm going to just put an easy one here for you all today.

Americans -- Do you remember those delicious chewy Duncan Hines chocolate chip cookies?  These are like those -- crispy on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle -- and they stay that way!  They don't go hard!  And no nasty preservatives.  Just Moey magic.  Aussies -- just trust me.

My delectable Brass Tacks Chocolate Chip Cookies have moved into the 21st century with thermo-convenience.  Here they are. (Original recipe for non-thermomixers HERE )

Brass Tacks Chocolate Chip Cookies (THERMOMIX)


100g butter (no substitutes)
100g white sugar
100g brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 TBSP boiling hot water
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
240g plain flour
120g dark chocolate chips (use real chocolate chips please!  No compound chocolate!)


1. Add the first six ingredients to the thermomix bowl.  Mix 20 seconds, speed 4.  Scrape down sides of bowl with spatula.

2. Mix the hot water with the soda to dissolve.  Add to the thermomix bowl.  Mix 5 seconds, speed 4.

3. Add all of the flour to the thermomix bowl.  Mix 20 seconds, speed 4.  Scrape sides of bowl with spatula.

4. Add the chocolate chips.  Mix 20 seconds on INTERVAL (knead).

5.  Place rounded teaspoonfuls on baking-paper lined baking trays, approx 4cm apart.  Bake 10 minutes at 180C or until edges are lightly browned and middles are just set.  Cool 1 minute on the tray, then transfer to wire rack to cool.

You won't regret this. 

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